AI chips with military precision

AI chips with military precision

The vision is there, but the technology isn’t not quite in place yet. In order to process the data sets of future AI applications, the underlying chips must first reach a new level. One current solution approach for this problem comes from the armaments industry. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is investing in the development of a new generation of chips that will be specifically optimised for the processing of AI-related data. It follows the model of so-called application-specific integrated circuit chips, or ASICs. The ambitious objective of the project is software-driven hardware that crunches out data-intensive algorithms with similar efficiency as the ASICs, while saving time and money, and offering broader application fields. In addition to that, the team will work on a domain-specific system that allows developers to freely combine special coprocessors with universal ones, as well as memory with input/output elements.

We wish DARPA every success in developing the new generation of chips!

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