AI decodes game engine

AI decodes Game-Engine

The field of machine learning has come a long way since Deep Blue beat world chess champion Garry Kasparov in 1997. The AI of today is able to exasperate gamers on every level and so scientists at the Georgia Institute of Technology have taken on a new challenge. Instead of training the computer to perfect game strategies, they feed it with information about how games are set up. The project, ‘Game Engine Learning from Video’, was able to showcase its first success with the classic Super Mario Bros game. The machine learning system didn’t have to access the game’s code and yet it was able to decode it just by watching. Based on information like the position of objects and their speed, the AI creates a rule set that is able to reconstruct the games. This technology is not flawless at present and currently only works with 2D games, however, scientists are confident that in future AI will be able to decode human life in the same way.

We congratulate Matthew Guzdial, Boyang Li and Mark O Riedl of the Georgia Institute of Technology for these groundbreaking results.

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