All AI dates at a glance

10 - 12 October 2017
The Summit AI, Amsterdam

18 - 19 October 2017
Nordic Data Science Summit, Stockholm

08 - 09 November 2017
MACHINA Summit.AI, Munich

10 November 2017
World Usability Day, Berlin


Coming together: Events, trade fairs, and congresses dedicated to artificial intelligence

Our AI team is on the road a lot – to facilitate exchanges with other experts at suitable events, to share knowledge and expertise, and to network. These events are also the best opportunities to talk to us and to find out more about the progress that Deutsche Telekom has made in the field of artificial intelligence. Perhaps one of the following events will present the career change for which you have been waiting for so long?!


October 10-12, 2017
The Summit AI, Amsterdam

More than 100 of the smartest minds in AI will be addressing a gathering of 2,000 global researchers in the field. The two-day summit in October offers knowledge exchange, networking and keynote presentations around three pillars of the AI ecosystem: companies, start-ups and investors as well as deep tech. Its goal is to tie together the latest innovations and insights in machine learning and deep learning and to provide the spark for new partnerships, investment projects and technical cooperation.  

The presentation of the first-ever Afghan all-girl robotics team promises to be one of the highlights. The group of six teenagers from Afghanistan was recently refused visas to enter the U.S., squashing their hopes to compete in an international robotics competition there.  

Here’s how Sarah Porter, CEO of the World Summit AI, puts it: “Those girls deserve a platform to present their work and to have a fair shot at being successful. The commitment of these young women is inspiring, and we want to help them in any possible way.” The team will share the stage with big names from the world of AI, including Stuart Russell from UC Berkeley and Steve Chien, who leads NASA’s AI efforts. Read more


October 18-19, 2017
Nordic Data Science Summit, Stockholm

This is the second Nordic Data Science and Machine Learning Summit. The debut event was so successful that organizers have extended it by a day, with an emphasis on workshops and networking in the evenings. The main stage belongs to talks and panels, while Code Katas and demos provide opportunities for knowledge transfer. Also new is a bigger lounge area for spontaneous and informal meetings.

The summit’s theme is "From Data First to AI First". Better understanding of AI, automation of manual processes and better data usage shaped the rise of AI during the past three decades. Now there’s the chance to tap into the full potential of structured and unstructured data. That’s why this year’s gathering is focusing on the management, business and technical aspects of Data Science, including machine learning, deep learning and AI. Read more


November 10, 2017
World Usability Day, Berlin

The World Usability Day has been held in Berlin every November since 2005. The city’s vibrant tech scene is one reason for its resounding success. In 2013, the event saw more than 600 visitors, jumping to more than 800 in 2014.

This year’s topic is AI and the efforts of the UX community to improve human-machine interaction. Does this goal come closer into reach when machines learn to understand “meaning,” serve up context-aware information and independently draw conclusions? What opportunities does AI offer to further bridge the gap between man and machine? And what are the requirements for an interface in the age of AI?

Those are some of the questions the World Usability Day 2017 will address. Speakers will present research into the acceptance of AI systems, talk about changes in user interaction and discuss overall consequences for society. Read more

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