Jobinsights: An Interview with Diorella Stern, Product Owner AI

Diorella Stern, Product Owner AI, shares her thoughts on Artificial Intelligence and how she explains her job to a child.

What do you answer when a child asks what you do for a living?

If you wish for a sandcastle, you tell me what size the sandcastle shall be and what it should look like. I'll make sure that we get the sand and that we choose the right place for it and then we will build your sandcastle. In the meanwhile you can tell me if you like it, if we should stop or proceed or if something is missing. At the end you will have your customized sandcastle.

What innovations are you working on these days?

At the moment, I'm working in the field of "Artificial Intelligence", with the goal to build a digital assistant.

And your biggest challenge so far was ...

To learn the ropes of new complex subjects. Especially the field of "Artificial Intelligence", which I'm working on right now, was an entire new subject for me as well.

What’s driving you personally?

It is very important to me, that my work is appreciated, but also working together with colleagues and having fun at work.

What do you rate highly on your team?

I really appreciate that my team is a young, dynamic team which supports each other and is very reliable. We do have a lot of fun, we can laugh together and that is of great value to me.

What do you like about Telekom as an employer?

I'd say that Telekom is a fair employer and I appreciate the pleasant work climate.

What are the consisting prejudices towards Telekom?

One of the widespread prejudices is that Telekom covers only the field of "telecommunication". However Telekom covers a lot more than that also in other areas, e.g. "Artificial Intelligence". I guess that is something, nobody would ever really think of.

If there’s one piece of advice you’d like to give a job candidate, what would it be?

To have the courage to apply, to give it a try and to convince themselves of what it is like to work at Deutsche Telekom.

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