Jobinsights: An Interview with Martin Bäumler, Product Owner AI

"Only the one who walks his own way can’t be overtaken."

Martin Bäumler, Product Owner AI, shares his thoughts on Artificial Intelligence and how he explains his job to his godson.

What do you answer when your godchild asks what you do for a living?

I’m lucky because the first PC I ever bought, vintage 1996, is sitting right in my office. And so I’ve actually used it to explain my job to my godson. I said: “Hey, look, that’s an old Windows 95 PC, and today we carry smartphones in our pockets. We’ve come a long way in 20 years.”

Then I show him Alexa and Siri and tell him: “Just like that PC was the beginning of our journey toward mobile devices, thesev guys are the beginning of what we’re working on today.”

What innovations are you working on these days?

As Product Owner I’m working on a project called "NG eCare & eSales." It’s about bringing AI-based solutions to the various eCare and eSales projects of Deutsche Telekom and in the process improving them.

Is there something in particular that draws you to working in your field?

Working in my discipline is attractive because of artificial intelligence. AI is hands down the one big topic spanning all industries – it never ceases to be interesting because it spawns constant innovation and new developments. It makes each day a special day because there are always new challenges.

And your biggest challenge so far was ...

That’s hard to say. We see new challenges every day because our field keeps changing all the time and so fast. On the one hand we work with a very, very innovative and agile technology, but we’re also operating, inside a large enterprise, which by itself presents its daily challenges.

What’s driving you personally?

I’m driven by the desire to give my best each and every day for my product and my team, working on great products and projects to significantly improve Deutsche Telekom’s processes and products to make our customers happy.

If there’s one piece of advice you’d like to give a job candidate, what would it be?

I’d quote Marlon Brando who said: “Only the one who walks his own way can’t be overtaken.” I think that Deutsche Telekom, regardless of its size, absolutely is a company where you can walk your own way.

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