Social Media Managers as AI experts

Chat bots are just the beginning. Machine Learning can do so much more for social media and digital PR. Tech enthusiast Priscilla Araújo has written an article on this subject, where she shares her ideas to give inspirational impulses. In her view, software-controlled automatisms are a great chance rather than a threat for advertisers. The field of applications is grand and the currently available tools don’t suffice. Arújo brings up a comprehensive all-in-one-software-solution to fit the needs of the agencies in house. Consultants need to acquire good commands in the field of machine learning. If they perceive this chance, they are set up for a future with lots of time to dedicate to important things, such as being creative and making decisions.

We’d like to thank Priscilla Araújo for sharing her thoughts on the uses of AI in PR.

For the full article, please click here: How AI is Changing PR.

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