The AI-Styleguide

The AI-Styleguide

How do you tell if an outfit you’ve chosen looks good on you? For many, this question may seem unimportant, but what if there was an app that made an objective, data-based and automatic recommendation? Rinat Maksutov has developed such an app – at least in theory – and he just released his idea to the public. The principle is simple: you take a selfie with your smartphone, then, within seconds, the underlying neural networks in the back-end of the app evaluate how smart you look. According to Maksutov, the technology required to realise his vision is actually relatively common – all it takes is for an API server to transmit the data to a TensorFlow Serving system or a comparable model.

We’d like to thank Rinat Maksutov for sharing his app idea.

For the full article, please read on here: "The AI-Styleguide".

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