T h e e L I Z A M a n i f e s t o

What it means to work on the eLIZA team

We believe in flat hierarchies
We work together as partners. You are equally as important as I am. Your time is no less valuable than mine. Your opinions are welcome.

We are convinced that effective and responsible product owners benefit everybody
We have a common objective: the best possible product, the best possible service for our customers. Product owners are responsible for maximising the value of the product and the work of the development team. We support them – always.

We value every (wo)man
We support independent working and we provide space: for trying and testing, for advice, for assistance. We help you when you need our help. Be prepared to help and support others as well, if they ask you to. Be proactive, be agile, be yourself.

Flexibility and agility are core principles for how we work
We can only succeed if we are willing to think outside of the box. We are agile, flexible, and prepared to deal with things proactively. We share our ideas.

We believe that teamwork is fun and we focus on common goals
We pay attention – also to each other; we mutually support one another. Criticism should never be hurtful. We work according to the 80:20 rule: perfection not at any cost, but with a sense of proportion.


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