W o r k i n g f o r D e u t s c h e T e l e k o m

Working for Deutsche Telekom

Experience your career
You want to grow; to achieve more, to tackle new things: we make all of this is possible for high-flyers, innovators and lateral thinkers. Deutsche Telekom offers a wide range of exciting career paths. Straightforward, interesting, individual.

Experience teamwork
We have no barriers at Deutsche Telekom. Together, we guide our own actions; together, we are the recipe for our own success. Because major talents really blossom within a team at Deutsche Telekom, we're constantly reaching new heights – together.

Experience work & life
Discover a zest for life with your job. Work and life go hand in hand for you. Work and life are more fun when they’re lived together. Deutsche Telekom provides you with the freedom to get the most out of both.

Experience the future
Creativity means doing things differently. It means having courage, embracing new things. Those who can change, create opportunities. Telekom employees think and act innovatively, and go far beyond the boundaries of the here and now.

Experience leadership
At Telekom, women and men can both reach the top. It is all about talent: dedicated individuals, skilled in listening, communicating, convincing; finding solutions with their teams, and above all driving the passion for what we do.


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